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Love Spanner Stupid

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Emo? [Tuesday
July 12th, 2005



I still cant beleive anna has NEVER read he Harry potter books. You call yoourself an emo? 



p.s. new fav quote, in excitement which nobody else seems to share... (ecxcept jen and zara)

"Snape will not find love. Snape will never find love, and love will not find him. Love has lost Snape's home address. This I firmly believe."

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June 14th, 2005

*Does hobo handshake*

well today me and chibi made a delightful journey into Manchester, shall update more on my journal later, anywho....
we discovered..
"we're hobo...i mean...erm...boho"

We got approached by two hobos. One while we sat near the triangle, who wanted 20p. Got 5p.
He kept looking at us, said he liked my makeup (i typed male up just then. haha. corrections) and was trying to see chibi behind her hair as she hid her laughter. He was a tramp and a half.
He had wonky eyes apparently. Tres odd.
Then 2nd hobo was old fav, outside afflecks trying to sell his big issue and then get it back. He apparently lives in a portaloo. We ran. Literally.

Oh and as walking to meet chibi earlier i realised i had no foundation on..shocking. So when we got to Piccadilly we ran into superdrug and put on some testers...HOBO ALL THE WAY!! Only thing was one foundation was transparent- wtf?! and the other squirted everywhere, so we smeared it on a glasses stand and noticed someone else had done the same with lipgloss. V funny.

ok quote. erm...

"oh i like my mouth.....any size. any shape. any way" *giggles* was innocent.
there were more, but through laughing we forgot.
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June 6th, 2005

spanner: "Have you got a blast furnace anywhere?!"
chibi: "sure anna...got one in my pocket"
spanner: "haha. funny. need one for my revision!"

failure i tell you.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! I THINK ITS DRIVING ME MADDDDD" *points finger at head*
"my brains just going..*makes wierd explosion motion*..soon"


AND when talking to rob...*melts*

rob: "i love snakes" -snakes again
spanner: "EW no, they are terrifying"
rob: "lol. why you scared of them?"
spanner: "because....they have NO LEGS!!!"
rob: "rofl, true."
spanner: "also they can climb into bed"
rob: "you've had a snake climb into your bed?!"
spanner: "no..but they have the ability to"

oh dearest.
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May 22nd, 2005

A few quotes from teh weekend...

"im proud to be un-irish! no wait, thats wrong, i'm proud to live near ireland"

what else was there...

i shall post when i remember.
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May 17th, 2005

A few quotes!! Yes i actually have some...its all abit exciting. =D

So, dont remember where this came from but..(im guessing in the theme of noses)

"Im glad i have a nose"
"row, row, row your boat gently down the nose.
If you see a bit of cocaine, take off all your clothes!"

Anyway. We then spoke to Zahra about the fact shes getting a snake..AND i HATE snakes..

"No. I do not want to touch your snake...
No. i do not want to touch your snake..
No. i do not want to touch your snake..
No! i do not want to touch your trouser snake!"

"Do you even know what a snake looks like?!" And i said that to someone who is getting one..

Next day. I singing and suddenly voice goes a bit croaky..
*chibi gives wierd look*
"Yeah, sometimes when im singing my voice goes funny..like its being dragged through a voice-o-meter"
chibi- "whats that?!"
"its a man that takes your voice and puts it in a box and turns the handle so your voice sounds like this..
..My everythinggg..."

"Barry white. duh"

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May 14th, 2005

i shall update on spanner quotes later, but i was talking to Rob a while a go and asked him about his gf...who hes doesnt even like.

and i said, so..what does she actually look like?

and he said..shes bold..

and i said..ooo. you mean..big?

and he said..nooo. bold..

and then i said..oooo

and he said..you know! she has no hair...


yeah..she wears a wig. i think it fell off.

was funny at the time.
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May 7th, 2005



"Just the {insert number from 1-1000 here} of us, we can make it if we try just the {insert number from 1-1000 here} you..and i}

We could probably haunt people...you and i.


{Annas Stoopid}


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May 5th, 2005


hahahaha. I got the picturesssss *dances* They are SO bad, but i guess you have to laugh...abit.

So these pics are at mine, laughing and freaking out over THE JUMPER OF DOOOM. yes its that bad. its hideous. and me and chibi just had to try it on...(its now a cushion)

 Thats chibi with it round her head. Shes also got a cushion up there also. mwahahaha. isnt the

jumper the most beautiful thing you've ever seen...it cost a bomb too. No joke!!

 Rofl. That is not me..*shifty eyes* Im pulling a face...looks like im crying. Also loverly view of the inside of my nose and mouth there...just for you. HAWT.


ooo and also im shooting myself. Yes. the gun is fake but whatever!...Im greeeeeeeeen =D

ok enough. <3.


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May 4th, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


I can wait until we get pics of oswold!!
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April 27th, 2005

[ mood | loved up! ]

I just wanted to say that i love anna! I'm her number one fan and all and cant wait to shag her.. you know how it goes!

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April 16th, 2005


"That girl has held Bert McCrackens thing"
"Hand!! his hand!!! I meant hand..just couldnt think of the word!! HANDDD"


Chibi: "Claires mum brings guys home sometimes you know.."
Spanner:" what?! you mean men...?!"
Chibi:" NOOO. women..."
Spanner: "If my mum did that i'd say 'Mum! your old enough to be dead!!'"

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April 16th, 2005

[ mood | chipper ]

Chibis murdering me while massaging me with a vibrating ladybird. Her hand also vibrates.

Anyway! There was a dead pidgeon. It was ew. And dead.

But anyway, quote from last night at le glitterati and Hurricane Party.

Random creepy folk: "Anyone got tickets to sell?"
Spanner: "OMG! cradle of filth in academy 1, Atreyu in academy 2, Glitterati in academy 3 and now Cell in academy 27 or whatever..."
Jen: " No anna. Tickets to sell. Not Cell"

OOO. That made more sense.

Good night though.

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April 13th, 2005

[ mood | happy ]

Muhahahahahaha!!!  Well guess what mateys? (i notice i use 'guess what' as an opening a lot, but so what?)

Lunch today was a memorable occasion, as we were discussing how shepa and anika could put on a hunchback of notre dame production, as shepa looked like a dutch girl, and anika had a hunchback. Then in form we discussed who would be who in a beauty and the beast production...

Beauty and teh Beast

Casting (and all the other good high paying stuff, of course) by anna and chibi.

Belle - Jack
Beast - Goda
Prince - Mark EP
Chip the mug - James B
Gaston - nathan
Little fat gaston friend - Andy
Girls - richard, James c, Suleman
Old father man - Tom W
Lumiere - Martyn
Cogsworth - Jack L
Mrs potts - One eyed cabbage
Duster - Danny C
Wardrobe - Paula


Then, spurred on by our sucess with casting beauty and the beast, we went on to cast the lion king, but alas! we did not finish. Here are our efforts so far:

The Lion king

Also with casting and stuff by anna and chibi

Simba - James B

Nala - Vicky L

Zazu - Sazoo

hyenas - Heidi, Miriam, Daisy

Timone - Chris Y

Pumba - Goda (another great role)


and that is as far as we got. Somehow, our genius is not quite conveyed properly unless you know these people, so if not, just imagine the disney character as a person, and its pretty accurate.



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April 8th, 2005

spanner is stupid and she loves mcr. Pointless entry. But tonight is the night!!!!!!!!

Mcr <3

Im going in red and black..oh yes. Joy.

"God, this rubbish bg is heavy, whats in it?!"


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April 3rd, 2005

Being stupid comes so easily to some. me.

I would go into detail about what stupid things ive done and said now but id rather not put myself to shame to often so i'll just say im pretty fooked at le momento. No revision done, lost French notes and just bluh.

Also had it with guys at the moment *sigh* No that doesnt mean you can spread round im a lesbian. again.

Also, for chibis enjoyment i shall end this on a lighter note


I have THE worst luck ever. Its official.

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April 1st, 2005



ITS A BANNNERRRRR!!! omg..this community is real. *shudders and hides*

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CHIBI!!!111!!!111!!! [Friday
April 1st, 2005

Greetings!!! It is I!! I am the one who notes down all the stupid things anna says. As you can see, i have a lot of work to do.

we will die of laughing. most probably.


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April 1st, 2005

First Entry. Oh yes. Feel honoured.

So i am Spanner, must warn you the icon/pic is old and shameful. So now for some quotes to set this place off....

"Suicide is the worst way to kill yourself" Yes i said that once. By accident.

"I think bats have bad eye sight" " Anna they're frickin blind!" Oopss

"Legolas has such a hussy voice" Husssky. god damn it.

"The heart controls the body!" " No anna, thats the brain" It was on tv. i swear it. My heart controls me..

"I think Dusty Springfield was a lesbian" "But she wears a dress!?" ok. didnt make sense to myself either.

"But i was dead when that happened!!" When asked about a historic moment

"We are ladies at lunch...well lunch" I meant to say dinner, as it was 7.30pm

"Do you want to work in a team or go face to face?!" head to head..argh.

Oh dear me spanner. More shall come. I say enough..
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